Town Farm Gardens (Brookfield, MA)

January 27, 2017

Town Farm Gardens (Brookfield, MA)

Town Farm Gardens is a small batch hot sauce maker from Brookfield, Massachusetts. They are the second hot sauce company from Massachusetts featured on our site. We love have most of their ingredients are from their organic farm, and they will soon be releasing a new Asian-inspired hot sauce you can learn more about on their website.

Town Farm Gardens was started by Laurie and Ron Starcher as a small farm in Brookfield, MA.  They soon discovered that there was much more demand for pickled and canned products made from their produce than the produce itself.  After a few years of building a successful pickle, salsa and jam business, Ron decided to try his hand at hot sauces.  They were growing lots of hot peppers, way too many for their spicy pickles and salsa.  They added ghost peppers and Carolina Reapers to the jalapenos and habaneros that were already in the fields.  We grow as many of the ingredients as we can and source the remainder locally.

Town Farm Gardens has introduced four kinds of hot sauce so far.  Howlin’ Good is a traditional red hot sauce with chipotle peppers for that awesome smoky flavor.  Mango Fiesta is a sweeter, fruitier hot sauce with mango (natch) and habanero.  It won a 2016 Scovie award.  Green Meanie is a delicious mix of jalapeno, tomatillo, onion and garlic.  This best selling green hot sauce won a 2016 International Flavor Award.  Finally, the Nuclear hot sauce is made with the ghost and Carolina Reaper chilies, as well as chipotle peppers.  It is smokin’ hot, but tastes delicious!



We have only been making hot sauce for a year or so, but it is already becoming our biggest product.  Selling well at Whole Foods, and several New England grocery chains.  We may have to become just a hot sauce company!

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Brookfield, Massachusetts