Paulman Acre Smoked Pepper Sauce (Oceanside, CA)

December 17, 2015


Paulman Acre Smoked Pepper Sauce is a small batched and uniquely crafted Hot Sauce company on the west coast. We have had multiple California hot sauce companies featured on Craft Hot Sauce, but their owner Tim comes from a brewing background. 


Paulman Acre Operation and Story-  I used to be a home brewer, but when I moved into a smaller apartment and didn't have space for all of the homebrewing hardware, I began tinkering with pepper mashes and hot sauces. Over the course of half-a-dozen years, I had honed in on a unique style of fruit-forward habanero sauces that I began calling "Smoked Pepper Sauces". 

We make hand-made Smoked Pepper Sauces in small batches of 20-25 gallons and believe in the merits of slow food and quality of production. At our home base, we've got approximately 1 acre of land that we are using to grow pepper pods for use in our test prep kitchen. We are constantly trying new ideas and combinations.


Tip for Novice Hot Sauce Crafters- Wear eye protection! I know, first hand, how it feels to get a decent sized gurgle of Carolina Reaper mash directly into the eyeball. It's not pleasant. I wouldn't recommend it.

Facebook: PaulmanAcre
Twitter: @PaulmanAcre
Instagram: PaulmanAcre
Oceanside, California
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