Lazy Y Ranch Truth Serum (Estacada, OR)

December 16, 2018

truth serum oregon craft hot sauce lazy y ranch

We are a small batch, artisanal hot sauce company. Raised in El Paso, I am familiar with spicy Mexican food. The jalapeno pepper was an integral part of our diet. My parents use the jalapeno in many of our dishes. I always carried a fresh one in my lunch pail as a condiment.

Last year my wife was experimenting with a jalapeno sauce, which I really like. A local country store offered to carry it if we decided to sell it, and that is how we got our start. We are a small husband and wife team, who make these sauces, by hand, with pride.


We pick the peppers out of the field, from local farmers. Our focus is on the jalapeno. The Truth Serum is a non-tomato, jalapeno based sauce. Our best seller is our Red Rage. We really like it on grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches.

Facebook: @LazyYTruthSerum
Twitter: @TruthSerumMan1
Estacada, Oregon