Chili Hungária Manufaktúra

September 14, 2015

Chili Hungária Manufaktúra

László of Chili Hungária brought home the gold at the World Hot Sauce awards with his Spirit of Attila Sauce. László shares a few of his creative sauces and his decision to move full time into the hot sauce industry.


It all started in 2010 I saw the first Jamaican pepper during internet browsing in work time. I instantly knew that I need this. A few days later I ordered the seeds. Unfortunately, it was June already, so the production really began in 2011. The diversity of peppers caught me. I hadn’t seen before such unique shapes and colors in peppers. I thought, this is a market gap in Hungary, where even a relatively small capital can catch market. The fact that I want to deal with this was immediately decided when the ’encounter’ happened.  Twenty-five years of continuous work in responsible positions was quite hard on my nerves, so I was consciously looking for the opportunity when I can become independent. It even seemed a bit romantic and a bit even exotic.

Our product range features several hot sauces from very mild to the devastating Merciful Death. In addition to the traditional red sauces, we also make the Green Knight and the Yellow Storm. The newest member of the Product range is the 424 and the Hab’n’go. The 424 is a smokey hot sauce. It was named after a famous Hungarian steam locomotive. The other new product is the Hab'n'go. It's a habanero compote with mango. It's spicy, fruity and has a vanilla-like taste.

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Kaba, Hungary
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