Silagy Sauce (Vancouver, WA) Episode 16

October 01, 2018

Silagy Sauce (Vancouver, WA) Episode 16

Silagy Sauce is makes delicious hot sauces in Vancouver, Washington. They focus on having fresh ingredients and smoke and roast their peppers to make super flavorful sauces. 

Dave joins the Craft Hot Sauce podcast to talk about how they got started in 2017 and how his sons started helping him out. He shares some great tips for coming up with new sauces and describes his popular Serrano and Hatch Lime Cilantro hot sauces.

Music is on the podcast is "Shatter" by Carissa Johnson & the Cure Alls. They are listed is a finalist for a few different categories in the Boston Music Awards.

If you're interested in joining the Craft Hot Sauce Club, and getting small batch hot sauces like Silagy Sauce every month or three months, check out the package here: