Karma Sauce (Rochester, NY) - Episode 11

March 29, 2018

Karma Sauce (Rochester, NY) - Episode 11

Gene from Karma Sauce comes on the Craft Hot Sauce podcast. Karma Sauce is located in Rochester, NY and Gene grows all his own peppers.

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Gene talks about what happens to your business when your sauce is featured on Hot Ones on YouTube, how he got started making hot sauce, and some more stories and insight about growing peppers and making hot sauce.



Towards the end of the podcast Gene talks about one of his favorite hot sauces Trinidad Charlie which is located in St. John. Hurricane Irma destroyed much of St. John and local business. Some of his supporters started a GoFundMe. We encourage you to give what you can to help Charlie and the St. John community: www.gofundme.com/irma-relief-for-trinidad-charlie

If you'd like to learn more and follow Karma Sauce you can find them online here:

Website: www.karmasauce.com
Facebook: @KarmaSauce
Twitter: @KarmaSauce


If you're interested in trying Karma Sauce and other craft hot sauces you can check out the Craft Hot Sauce Club: shop.crafthotsauce.com/collections/m…ot-sauce-club


Music is by Intuit based out of Boulder, Colorado. The song featured on this podcast is called Radiant Vibration, which is off their latest album Canyon Roots.

You can view a video of the song on YouTube here:



They will be co-headlining the Boulder Theatre on April 27th for Microbrews for the Environment.

You can follow them here:

Website: intuitband.com
Facebook: @intuitband
Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/0XfVypFH0…NQQb6kCLmjatohdg

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