Dr. Ali Houshmand - President of Rowan University - Episode 15

Dr. Ali Houshmand is the President of Rowan University and creator of Houshmand's Hazardous Hot Sauce. All proceeds from the hot sauce go towards an emergency scholarship fund for Rowan University students. Dr. Houshmand cares deeply about the success of students across the world, and his passion comes out in all different types of work at Rowan.


Listen to the episode but you can also read their Craft Hot Sauce profile here: www.crafthotsauce.com/craft-hot-sauc…dous-hot-sauce


Music is by Freevolt from Newburyport, MA. I saw them at the Lowell Folk Festival and they made it a great time for all in attendance. You can check them out here: www.enjoyfreevolt.com/


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