Burns and McCoy - Fort Collins, Colorado - Episode 13

May 31, 2018

Burns and McCoy - Fort Collins, Colorado - Episode 13

Jay Turner from Burns and McCoy comes on the Craft Hot Sauce podcast. Burns and McCoy is an award winning hot sauce company out of Colorado with a wide-range of hot sauces.



On the podcast we explore how Jay got into making hot sauce, what lead him to take jump into going all in creating Burns and McCoy, and all the ups and downs along the way. 

We talk about some of his hot hot sauce creations like Exhoresco and some of his unique creations like White Lightening. If you're interested in trying Burns and McCoy Sauces you can check out their website burnsandmccoy.com and the Craft Hot Sauce Shop.

The featured song "Sick Stupid Lies" by Ironaut.




Ironaut is playing at the Redwood in Los Angeles on Saturday June 30th for No Legacy Fest.


Thanks y'all!! - Brian