What is Craft Hot Sauce?

Craft Hot Sauce is hot sauce made by small and independent companies. That answer is plain and simple but Craft Hot Sauce is much more than that. It’s a about the story that goes into the making out it and the great unique flavors that come out of the bottle. The great thing about these small independent sauce companies, is that they can take their own spin on their hot sauce.


Besides the sauce being unique and different than the regular Tabascos, and Frank’s Red Hot, many of these Craft Hot Sauce companies grow their peppers locally. Local peppers taste better, are more flavorful, more nutritious, have much fewer pesticides, and support local farmers.


Besides the health and economic benefits, craft hot sauce is all about building a community. You see very close communities in craft beer. Here is one example of a Massachusetts Craft Beer site. The Hot Sauce industry is growing fast, but it’s important to network with Hot Sauce crafters locally, nationally, and worldwide. Follow us on twitter and follow some of the Hot Sauce crafters that we follow.


Craft Hot Sauce is a vague definition and you may have agreed with some things I said and disagreed with others. There is no correct answer, so I urge you to comment below and hear your thoughts. What is craft hot sauce to you?


Thanks Chiliheads!



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