The best foods for hot sauce

I wrote this blog post knowing that this question could start some heated debates. However, it's really a question that should be embraced and make us feel fortunate for all the amazing hot sauce and food combinations out there.
I asked our biggest chilehead fans that subscribe to our newsletter, " If you could only have hot sauce with one food for the rest of your life, what food would that be?" Here are some of the most popular answers.
Pizza!! Because pizza is enlivened by many types of hot sauce, and it's great fun matching different style/flavor sauces to different styles of pizza. Fruit-based sauce (Captain Mowatt out of Maine makes a great blueberry sauce and a fireberry sauce), chipotle, jalapeno, smoked vs non-smoked -- all work well on pizzas. We have a bucket that holds twelve bottles, and we bring that to the table, full, when we make homemade pizza and watch football. In fact, I'm glad it's soon to be football season - that means pizza will be back on the menu 2 times/week. - MB, Jason                                            
Anything with Mayonnaise- Mayonnaise is great on a lot of different foods, and hot sauce makes mayonnaise taste so much better by giving it more flavor and a kick. By putting the hot sauce into mayonnaise you can spread the mayonnaise onto a lot more foods so that you can put it on more than one food. See what I did there? -Martin
Avocado - I almost went with pizza but gotta give the avocado some love. Nice Louisiana style hot sauces go especially well with avocados. - Stephen
Refried beans are the perfect food for my rocket fuel aka hot sauce. The taste goes perfectly with the burn you get from the hot sauce -Peter
Eggs- Hot Sauce and eggs go perfect together because hot sauce can add such a great flavor and mixes well with both the whites and the yoke. I can't have an omelet without hot sauce on it, because it needs that flavorful kick. Also, a wide range of hot sauces goes well with eggs which are not true for all foods. - Bob, Jennifer
Hummus + Grated Cheese + Hot Sauce + Pretzels-  This last one needs some explanation, and I let this multi-food combo slide and make the list because it was a genius finding from my college roommate. Alex explains... "I always thought I was a culinary artist and I'm especially creative after a few drinks. One night I came back to my apartment after a night out in Amherst, and of course, I had the munchies. I looked in the fridge and took out the hummus and pretzels, but my roommate Brian, being the chilehead he is, had some hot sauce so I put that on too. Then I decided to put a layer of grated cheese to top it off. The pretzels dipped in the hummus with hot sauce and grated cheese is the perfect combination of creamy, salty, and crunchy. It's so addictive that before you know it you've gone through your whole tub of hummus in one sitting." - Alex
This isn't just a question for our subscribers. Comment below and keep the debate going! Big thanks to all the chilehead followers that contributed!
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